Battle of the Bands – VOTE NOW!

If you had to choose who would it be ? Just for fun this is an epic battle of the bands – versus poll.  Simply choose between 2 amazing bands and see if other people agree with you.  Vote and comment below,

  • Which of these legendary bands get your vote?

    • Led Zepplin
    • Pink Floyd
  • Who is your favourite ?

    • Green Day
    • Foo Fighters
  • This is a tough one, both are great live !

    • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Now for a bit of 90’s nostalgia?

    • Blur
    • Oasis
  • Who are you going to rock out to?

    • Black Keys
    • Royal Blood
  • The Legends

    • The Beatles
    • Rolling Stones
  • Which one do you prefer ?

    • Kinks
    • The Who

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