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The purrrfect place to grab a coffee – Welcome to the Kitty Cafe

Kitty Cafe opened in Leeds, United Kingdom back in December and has been inundated with visitors.

The unexpected success has meant It is now fully booked on weekends until the end of February.

As well as having a bright and colourful dining space, the cafe also has its own rescue centre. They take in cats of all ages and backgrounds. All the cats are given constant love and attention in order to help them get used to human interaction.

Kitty Cafe owner Kate Charles-Richards said: “The most enjoyable thing about this is knowing that we are taking in cats who may have come from bad backgrounds and seeing them grow into lovely animals. It’s really great that we’ve been able to take in so many cats and be able to help them out.” Cats are allowed to wander around next to customers, but they are politely asked not to pick the animals up.

“We have rules in place, not just for people but for the animals. We’re always very busy and if the cats were picked up by every person in the place, then it would be extremely restrictive for them. “They wouldn’t be able to roam around or enter the cattery when they wanted, which could be distressing for them. We want to give the cats the choice as to what they want to do.”

The cattery has recently found homes for two of its cats, Moo Moo and Rocko. Moo Moo, who is five and is a ginger cat, was given to the cattery from a previous owner who could no longer care for her.

Two-year-old Rocko came from a rescue charity and has been adopted by one of the staff members in the Nottingham branch.

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