‘brick burgers’ make Lego style food !

A Lego obsessive has only gone and converted the lego concept into food.

Coloured in a way that food should not be coloured and bread buns shaped as lego bricks, these are burgers brought to you from ‘Brick Burger’ a burger chain in the Philippines.

Serving their succulent meaty wares in bright red, yellow and black buns, Brick Burger makes its patties from Australian beef, while customers can fill the time waiting for their food by building  the LEGO sets available on the tables.

This is all the brainchild of LEGO superfan Jergs Correa, Brick Burger has 10 different burgers which diners can have topped with mac and cheese, bacon, onions, and barbecue sauce.

This place is set to attract geeks and lego fans from across the philippines and the world,  Lego adult fans soaking up the nostalgia whilst the next generation  enjoy the creativity of Lego.

Lets hope someone is taking note in the UK, lets have our very own ‘Brick Burger’



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